Andrey Safonov

Solutions Engineer/Architect @PDFTron


I am an energetic, enthusiastic person who creates solutions.

I am an engineer who enjoys working directly with customers to understand requirements and build great applications. I constantly extend my T shaped knowledge by diving deep into every aspect of product creation and learning from the best in the industry.

My day-to-day is spent helping solution architects and developers build scalable applications by leveraging PDFTron's SDKs, developing new features, APIs, and functionalities based on their feedback, translating the feedback to other teams, and improving developer experience by creating ready-to-deploy apps, samples, documentation, videos and guides.



Lead Implementation Consultant for building an online platform for taxpayers to make payments and file returns for the Ministry of Finance, British Columbia.

PDFTron's WebViewer

Technical Product Manager on a redesign of PDFTron's flagship product. I worked with a team of developers and designers to create an improved, modern experience based on user and stakeholder feedback.

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WebViewer Video

Product Owner for WebViewer Video. Created a new product for annotating videos frame by frame. Maintaining product backlog, overseeing development and collecting customer feedback to drive new feature development.

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