Redesigning PDFTron's flagship product

Webviewer UI screenshoot


WebViewer is PDFtron's flagship product. The UI was not updated for years, and customers and prospects were becoming dissatisfied. The deals were consistently lost to the competition. I put together a team of developers and designers to update WebViewer UI.


Create an incremental update to WebViewer UI to make it more competitive with other viewers on the market.

My Role

- Using the OKR framework, set the objective and establish key results.

- Reached out to customers to gather feedback from their users.

- Conducted loss survey analysis into why prospects chose competition.

- Performed competitive analysis looking at vertical and horizontal competitors.

- Got alignment from internal stakeholders to agree on designs and timelines.

- Rapidly prototyped with designers and performed demos of the wireframes to reference customers.

- Working together with the Product Owner to prioritize items to be accepted into the development sprint.

- Held daily standups to track the progress and review the feedback.

- Helped developers with the implementation of the designs to meet the deadlines.

- Continued to interview, gather data and ensure we have met the key results.

Key Results

- Deals were no longer lost due to dated UI and prospects preferred our UI over competitors.

- The new UI was rearchitected to be more lightweight, performant and allowed for easier product updates and customization in the future.

- The number of weekly downloads on npm went up by 50% after the update.

Andrey Safonov